Biomutant For PS4 Gets Release Day Discount At Amazon

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Biomutant officially released today, May 25, and though there were other ways to get the game discounted prior to launch, PlayStation players can still save some money via an Amazon sale. The game is currently available for $50, and it’s going to be receiving a full native PS5 version upgrade in the future.

The $50 price on Amazon only applies to the PS4 version, with the Xbox One and PC games still selling at the standard $60. The previous discount we saw was on Newegg and only applied to the digital Xbox version, so this is a way for other players to score the same deal.

Biomutant is the first game from Experiment 101, a game studio that includes former Just Cause developers. However, it’s a very different game, taking place in a sort of post-post-apocalyptic period where humans have been replaced by feline humanoids. You’re able to create your own character, including picking from the various catlike races as well as classes that emphasize things like magical abilities, melee combat, and ranged attacks.

It’s all presented in a bright, vibrant art style, complete with comic-esque words appearing when landing big attacks, and the story is told by a British narrator while the in-game characters themselves only say gibberish.

The game was made by a very small team, and it has some rough edges, with Richard Wakeling saying the game “might not always hit the mark” but that “the games industry could always use more risky endeavors like this one” in our Biomutant review.

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