Ben 10 Minecraft Crossover DLC Is Now Live

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Ben 10 and Minecraft have finally crossed over, and the results are now live on the Minecraft Marketplace. Based on a blog post announcing the move, the DLC pack includes both bespoke story content as well as additions to the game’s Free Roam mode.

In the new Story Mode, Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max need to recover lost alien DNA from the Omnitrix. Apparently, it’s pretty easy to lose some alien DNA when you can turn into hundreds of different forms. Ben can transform into many different alien heroes across the adventure to defeat foes such as Vilgax, Zombozo, and Kevin 11, who is 10% more powerful than Ben according to our calculations.

If you’re just looking to check out all of Ben’s alien forms, you can jump into the Free Roam mode to give them a test drive. It seems that Ben’s various outfits will give him interesting powers, such as the ability to fly, or to move quickly. Additionally, you can grab Ben’s shirt as a free character creator item.

In other Minecraft news, the game recently received new content through its Caves and Cliffs Part 1 update, which added a new goat mob to the game, among other things. It also got another high-profile crossover in the form of How To Train Your Dragon content.

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