Batman’s Arkham Origins XE Suit Gets A $375 Hot Toys Figure

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Batman’s got a suit for every occasion, and his cuddliest getup is getting the sixth-scale treatment from Hot Toys. Continuing its line of Arkham series figures, Hot Toys is pulling a costume from the 2013 prequel Batman: Arkham Origins and its Cold, Cold Heart expansion, that saw Batman don the Extreme Environment suit to battle Mr. Freeze.

While Arkham Origins had a noticeably bigger and more armored costume than what Batman would wear in Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy, the XE suit was an even bulkier outfit that was designed to fight crime and the weather. Packing more insulation, the suit’s most noticeable upgrade were thermal gloves that could be used to heat up batarangs, deliver high-impact sunburns to criminal faces, and melt structures that had been frozen solid.

Batman Arkham Origins: XE Suit
Batman Arkham Origins: XE Suit


The Hot Toys version of this video game costume features all of the small details such as the unique gauntlet blades, armor weathering effects, and a wired cape. It also comes with several accessories such as extra hands, batarangs, cryo-drill, and a detailed diorama to pose the 13-inch figure on. Pricing on this figure isn’t cheap, as it’ll set you back $375 and is scheduled to be released between July and September 2022.

While Hot Toys has mainly focused on creating movie-accurate collectible figures–such as the recently revealed Spider-Man: No Way Home that shows off Spidey’s new spell-slinging costume–the company has also produced several figures based on 2018’s Spider-Man game, such as the soon-to-be-released Anti-Ock suit webhead.

As for Arkham Origins developer Warner Bros. Montreal, it hasn’t left the Batman franchise behind as it’s currently working on Gotham Knights. The open-world action game starring Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and the worst Robin will be out in 2022.

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