Back 4 Blood Reaches 6 Million People Very Quickly

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Back 4 Blood has reached a new player milestone. The developers announced on Twitter that the team-based shooter has now hit 6 million players since it launched on October 12.

The game launched on day one into Xbox Game Pass, which surely helped its player numbers grow beyond what they could have been. The game was also heavily promoted by Microsoft and Xbox, and ads for the game featured prominently on the Xbox dashboard. Microsoft also got rapper Lil Yachty to play the game for a promoted video. The game, which is published by Warner Bros., is also available on PlayStation consoles and PC.

Back 4 Blood was developed by the same team that made Left 4 Dead, and in GameSpot’s Back 4 Blood review, Richard Wakeling said, “Back 4 Blood is Left 4 Dead 3 in all but name, and even then it isn’t exactly trying to be subtle.”

While Back 4 Blood has reached 6 million players, neither Turtle Rock nor WB has announced how many copies the game sold, nor has it announced if the game has turned a profit against what it cost to develop.

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