Apple Will Finally Let You Repair iPhones And MacBooks With New Right To Repair Program

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Apple has announced its new Self Service Repair program, letting consumers order official replacement parts for iPhones and MacBooks and perform repairs themselves.

The surprising move will start exclusively in the US, with additional regions being added to the program throughout 2022. Apple says that it will limit replacement parts to those compatible with the iPhone 12 and 13 initially, eventually expanding to MacBooks powered by its in-house M1 silicon.

Apple will let you order up to 200 replacement parts and tools required for the repair once its store goes live, with parts for iPhone screens, batteries, and more at launch. The company says that anyone trading in a device that has been repaired at home will receive additional credit, as it encourages users to recycle their devices in a bid to further reduce electronic waste.

The right to repair is a hotly contested consumer right in the electronics space, with most smartphones, tablets, and laptops shipping with warranties that are voided should you try and perform repairs yourself. A company as large as Apple taking this step towards giving choice back to consumers is a good indicator that times might be changing.

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