A Big Amazon Sale On Standing Desks Is Happening Today

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After the past year of being stuck inside and working from home, there’s no question that many of us have spent more time sitting than we usually do, and the negative health effects of sitting too much are well documented. For those of us still working remotely for the foreseeable future, a standing desk is an easy way to upgrade your setup with a way to keep working while taking standing breaks every so often. The best standing desks can get expensive, but right now Amazon’s having a sale on standing desks from FlexiSpot, a brand I’ve been testing out for the past several months with my own setup. From standing desk converters to full-on electric-powered standing desks, you can find steep discounts on FlexiSpot products at Amazon as part of the retailer’s deal of the day. With 11 total products on sale, these are limited-time deals that’ll disappear after tonight.

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